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Cypress Tree Installation in Atlanta

Not only can you purchase your trees from us, but we can deliver them to your home as well, and/or install them!  Our qualified and experienced tree installation professionals can help you pick just the right spot for your new trees, so that you get the maximum benefit from any of the trees from our working tree farm.  

If you prefer, you can come straight to the farm, pick out your tree, and we can deliver it to your home so that it is ready for planting.  

We recommend that before digging for the placement of any tree, that you have your utility lines clearly marked so that you are not digging near electrical or plumbing work, cable tv, or gas lines, as these can be a hazard when digging--  or at the very least can create a nuisance in your home.  

It is also better if you do not plant trees near plumbing or sewage lines, as over time, the roots can interfere with those and create plumbing issues in the home.

We do not bring in machines to dig the holes for installation.  We dig the holes by hand.  This saves your yard from being damaged by machinery and also allows us to properly dig the size hole needed per tree.

*We do not offer a warranty or any guarantee on trees or plant material. They are a living thing and it is up to the homeowner/business owner to properly care for them after delivery and installation.  We will provide instructions on how to properly care for your trees or plants and it will be up to you to follow the instructions.  If you should notice any discoloration or anything that does not look like it should be on the tree(s), please notify us immediately.

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    Keel’s Tree Farm has been in the business of growing trees since 1994.  When we first decided to grow trees, it was on the family farm in Lawrenceville, Georgia (more)

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