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Keel's Tree Farm grows and specializes in raising cypress trees, cryptomeria, and arbovitae here in the Atlanta area so that clients can beautify their home or commercial space with gorgeous trees that can grow quite large. These trees often define the edges of property lines, can be used instead of fencing, and give a natural look to defined boundaries.  In fact, some people have called these trees "A Living Fence" because they are so very effective at creating privacy and sound deadening features along a property line.

These trees also help provide a quieter atmosphere in the home, can provide shade which reduce overall home energy costs, and these trees are extremely effective at blocking wind and storm damage to a home because of their wide berth and their wind tolerance. In fact, we've never seen a cypress tree blow over in a storm!  

These trees provide protection all around to a property, and we grow cypress trees in Atlanta that can be installed in any home in the Georgia area.  

    About us

    Keel’s Tree Farm has been in the business of growing trees since 1994.  When we first decided to grow trees, it was on the family farm in Lawrenceville, Georgia (more)

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    Keel's Tree Farm
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